Review - American Made (2017)

American Made - The touching tender story of Tom Cruise, his tousled hair, and a whole bunch of the following:  drugs, guns, dangerous people, dangerous situations, and naughty US government shenanigans.   It also features a quick guest appearance by Kentucky Fried Chicken and who doesn't love that?

It’s a nice thing that Tom Cruise is getting a little older.  While this is usually a terrible deal for people in Hollywood, in his particular case it means that he can branch out from playing the cocky young guy all the damn time.  He still unreasonably handsome and confident but he is more capable of playing believably world-weary characters.  As his character is revealed as being a bright young star in the commercial aviation firmament that ends up finding himself in a stable but staid and unfulfilling job, the audience can relate to why he would consider heading down the path he chooses.  The filmmakers are sure to leave little crumbs for the audience to pick up - his toying with th…